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"Educating Your Children Through Authentic Montessori Education"

Message From the Directress

DirectressDear Parents:

I have always had a true passion for the development and well being of children, this is why I decided to pursue a career in the educational field. After studying Early Childhood Education and learning about the Montessori Method, I knew I had to get an in-depth understanding of exactly how the method worked, as I heard so many incredible things about it.

After being in the field for six years, I decided to finally enrol in the Teachers Montessori College, and, in 2011 I graduated with honours earning myself a head teaching position at a very prominent Montessori school in Toronto. During my years of teaching, I was able to experience two phenomenal teaching methods, one of which I experienced my first year teaching in Finland (which has the best educational system in the world) and the second in Toronto. These two teaching methods were so effective I decided to develop a hybrid of teaching methods that I would later incorporate into my own program. Our program uses the Montessori Approach as well as the Reggio Emilia Approach with an emphasis on Montessori Education to educate our students.

Being bilingual I am also very passionate about teaching children French as it provides so many opportunities for growth in the future, from getting accepted into universities, performing higher on test scores and studies have also shown that children who are bilingual actually have more advanced reading skills. With my experience, education and passion for developing an enriching program, I am confident that La Mosaic will not disappoint you when considering your options for pre-school, junior kindergarten or senior kindergarten.

Sincerely yours in education,

Miss Jennifer
Certified Montessori Teacher, RECE, Kids Yoga Instructor