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"Educating Your Children Through Authentic Montessori Education"

Parent Appreciation

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“ Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for providing Leigha with a warm, fun and positive first school experience. She loves you and waffles between wanting to stay with you or go to “ big kids school”. That says a lot. Good luck with your future endeavours. I know you will be successful with whatever you choose to do. In gratitude and friendship”
Mother of Leigha ~3 years of age

“ Dear Miss Jennifer, Thank you so much for your kind and gentle spirit. Teaching young ones is definitely your calling. We are very grateful Owen has you as his 1st teacher- you have set the bar very high!
Mother of Owen ~2.5 years of age

“Dear Jennifer,You are a beautiful person. In your class, Quinn has flourished. You have supported her and provided her with a wealth of life experiences. We are in your debt. Merci beaucoup.”
Mother of Quinn ~3.5 years of age

“ Jennifer, We have been thrilled with everything your preschool has offered Ava. It has been a wonderful seven months and she has enjoyed every second of her time with you. While we and Ava will miss you this fall, we’re delighted that you’re pursuing this next stage in your career. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mother of Ava ~4 years of age

“ Dear Jennifer, There should be more people like you! Thank you so very much for caring + teaching Nasinya this year. She has had a wonderful year and learned so much. All the best in your future “
Mother of Nasinya ~3.5 years of age

“ To a special teacher Ms. Jennifer, Thank you so much for all you have done. You have been truly wonderful and will be missed”.
Mother of Jenna ~3.5 years of age

“ Thank you for helping and supporting Jasmine in class. She is happy and excited each day she comes”
Mother of Jasmine ~ 5 years of age