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"Educating Your Children Through Authentic Montessori Education"


“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.” ~ Maria Montessori

There are six areas of focus:


  1. Practical Life Activities
  2. Sensorial Awareness
  3. Language Development
  4. Mathematics
  5. Culture & Botany
  6. Art, Music and Movement

Practical Life

The children will experience real life situations and activities promoting gross motor activities, three finger grasp, hand-eye coordination, promote concentration , instil inner discipline, self-discipline, care of self and of the environment, and good manners.


The children will discover color, size, shape, taste, smell, sound, sight, touch, discrimination and classification. In this area, there is much emphasis on “Training of the senses”, which is an essential tool for later learning processes.


Children begin laying the foundation for reading and writing with their senses, using the sandpaper letters and sound with sight objects to learn the phonetic sounds. The acquisition of the language is connected to the children’s strength of observation and sensorial training. The process of reading and writing takes place at an individual pace, with minimal interruption by the teacher.


Children are exposed to the concrete forms of number concepts in terms of symbols and quantities and work at an individual level in preparing for an abstract understanding of higher, more complex mathematics functions or operations.


The cultural area of the classroom includes science, cultural studies, geography, investigation and experimentation. Discovery, classification, and awareness of the world around us are emphasized.

Animal and Plant Care

The children learn about nature, and the responsibility of caring for living plants and animals. The children care for the schools’ aquarium, garden and potted plants. The garden is used for planting flowers and vegetation.

Arts & Crafts

Daily individual art activities for all levels are important for the development of intellectual, social and spiritual stimulus and growth. There are many opportunities for group activities on a regular basis through making models of objects from actual classroom lessons.

Music & Movement

Group time is a wonderful time for songs, music, movement and group coordination games. There are also many items in the environment to promote musical appreciation. Drama and Plays are introduced to the children with music and games, this is a fun and relaxing activity and develops large motor skills; and gives them a wonderful opportunity to bring out their naturally creative flair through song, dance and acting styles.


Another form of exercise that offers them various advantages is yoga, a fact that is not as well known as it should be. Yoga helps children by: enhancing their concentration, increases flexibility and balance, helps boost confidence and relaxation of the mind. Our program offers kids yoga once a week.