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"Educating Your Children Through Authentic Montessori Education"

Differences Between Montessori and Traditional Schools

General Comparisons Between Montessori & Traditional Education

Montessori Education

Traditional Education

Three-year age span

All one age

Motivated by self-development

Teacher motivated

Self-correcting materials

Teacher corrects errors

Hands on learning manipulating objects

Teacher lectures

Individual learning

Group learning

Teacher is observer & directress

Teacher is focal point & dominant influence

Cycles of activity completed within child’s time

Activity cycles determined by set time

Few interruptions

Frequent interruptions

Freedom to move & work

Assigned specific class periods

Materials used in sequence with presentations

Materials used with no prior instructions

Work for joy and sense of discovery

Work because you have to complete tasks

Environment provides discipline

Teacher provides discipline

Encouraged to help each other

Seek help from teacher

Child chooses materials

Teacher sets curriculum

Child sets own pace

Teacher sets pace

Emphasis on concrete

Emphasis on abstract

Reality oriented

Much role-playing and fantasy

Recognition of individual sensitive periods

All children treated alike

Child free to discover alone

Teacher continuously guides child

Carefully organized environment

Materials placed at random

Multisensory materials to develop specific skills

Play materials for non-specific skills

Self education through self correcting materials

Use of reward and punishment in motivation

Respect of child foremost

Community needs take precedence